Three Key Objectives for 2012

Well done, you made it!!

You’ve got to the end of another year.

This is a special time just after Christmas and before the next year kicks off. A lull that we can take full advantage of to reflect on our achievements in 2011,  and more importantly to decide what we would like to be reflecting on this time next year.

So, when you are sitting here on 30th December 2012 looking back at the year, what will you have achieved?

To help you to really focus on what you want answer this.

If 2012 were to be your last year on earth what would you like to leave behind you and how would you like to be remembered, where would you go and who would you like to spend time with?

Now write down the three key things you want to achieve and experience in this coming year. Use language to express yourself that fully connects you to these experiences.

At the end of each day ask yourself…is what I’ve done today moving me closer to fulfilling my achievements?

Keeping this in your line of vision will keep your dreams alive and real. Focusing daily on the outcome brings the Universe and you into alignment. You can have all of it and you deserve too.

Have a wonderful 2012.