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Expel the Venom

Your own internal spring clean! This is a fantastic tip  I’d like to share with you. Enjoy the sunshine! Sarah Energy Tip: from Donna Eden Balance the Rhythm of Spring   Expel the Venom! The energy of spring is about manifestation and moving forward.  Spring is a great time to rid yourself of anything that holds […]

Tumeric for a healthy brain

Have you had your turmeric yet this week? I recommend you start eating tumeric, Why? Read what scientists are saying about Tumeric In a recent post from NICABM, Ruth Buczynski, Phd talked about the neuroplastic possibilities of curcumin (a brain-boosting chemical in turmeric) for slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Did that convince you to […]

Forgive for your Health

Here is a great article on forgiveness. FORGIVE FOR YOUR HEALTH In recent years an impressive amount of research has pointed to the health benefits of forgiving—not only forgiving others, but also forgiving oneself and forgiving unexpected or unpleasant situations or circumstances. Several scientific studies, including one published in the June 2004 issue of Psychology and […]

The No Fault Zone Game

No Fault Zone Game Workshop coming to Dublin this June. Save €50. Early Bird rate until 30th April. The No-Fault Zone Game uses a map and card decks to guide you, step by step, to the clarity, understanding and connection you want—within yourself and with others. It makes conversations visible, tangible, and fun for ages 5-95 and […]

New Year New You

New Year, New You How many times have you heard that? one, ten, one hundred! Have you started with a list of resolutions you secretly know you won’t keep? Maybe you have already stopped them. Out of 60% of people who make resolutions only 4% go on and keep them going until June before they […]

Three Key Objectives for 2012

Well done, you made it!! You’ve got to the end of another year. This is a special time just after Christmas and before the next year kicks off. A lull that we can take full advantage of to reflect on our achievements in 2011,  and more importantly to decide what we would like to be […]

Overcome the Stress of Christmas

This time of year increases our levels of stress. Finishing year end projects, last minute jobs getting thrown into the mix, balancing resources and budgets,  juggling our finances. And then there’s Christmas! Planning, shopping for presents, shopping for food, getting the tree and decorating the house. How do you manage? Is your head in a spin, your […]


Waking up in the morning, rolling over and turning the alarm off, thinking what day is it? Then…Oh God I’ve got that meeting today, or I can’t put off that phone call another day. Feelings of nervousness in the pit of your stomach wishing it was another day and you had the meeting or phone […]

Ooze Confidence

Are you as confident as you can be? Do others see you as you would like to be seen? Does your image  reflect the professionalism of your work? How would you like to Ooze Confidence? Ooze confidence! Increase Your Inner & Outer Confidence – Prepare For Your Success   With Experts Frances Jones & Sarah Bird Imagine how it […]