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Stress Management

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Sarah Bird talks Stress on the Morning Show
The growing problems arising from stress in the modern world boil down to simply not managing ourselves. We cannot control the countless number of things that can potentially stress our lives - but we can control how we choose to react to those events.

As we try to juggle too many balls at the one time, we inevitably start to show symptoms of stress, such as headaches, backache, heart palpitations, tearfulness, irritability and simply not wanting to get out of bed. Even substance abuse can be a common by-product of stress.

It is also very common to have difficulty sleeping, as our brains continue to re-run our problems over and over again and just won’t switch off. Lack of sleep then serves to make things worse, setting up a vicious circle of stress. I can help you bring order to your life and take control of your own destiny, by providing simple, proven stress management techniques that change how you react to stressful situations.

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"Sarah helped me to de-stress. I have become a better listener of internal and external issues, as well as prioritizing those matters I could resolve. This has improved my personal effectiveness."
MD, Accountancy Company.

"Having a clear and present mind is one of they key factors when dealing with potentially stressful situations.
Sarah's advise and direction contributed greatly to my ability to deliver presentations to large and small groups."

Company CEO.